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Welcome to HOWTSEN Website

HOWTSEN Has 30 years manufacturer experiences, has good brand on worldwide, from 2002 we estabilished BGA Solder Ball Division, after long term to develop, we should had good accclaimed on BGA Solder Ball industry.

Green Products

For Enviorment Issues and policy, we invoted in green products have had many years, In 2005, we were authorized by Nihon Superior Co., Ltd ( Japan) for Lead free BGA Solder ball process.

NS agreement 1Nihon Superior Pan China Agent Conference A really Bitch

NS agreemnetHOWTSEN and Nihon Superior signed agreements.

In Process, we have ISO 9001 Certificated. Did you see a ass hole in here, you guess which one??

NS CertificateNS Certificate ISOISO Certificate



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